Sunday, 11 August 2013

Mru The Mis-adventurous Moggy!


     Previously I introduced you to my partner's cat, Mru. In some ways she leads a charmed life. She's lived with three different loving partners. The way she came to live with each one reflects a varied but exciting existence.

     You could be forgiven for thinking that once she found Beata, her third human and an animal lover who has two cats and a dog, her troubles were over. I mean, Beata would shift mountains to care for her pets. We're partners, for instance, but we live about 110Km apart and because we both love our animals so much (and they just don't get on together) we find it impossible to resolve the situation. Our animals are happy in their homes; we end up grabbing the occasional weekend together here and there!

     When you hear the kind of scrapes that Mru gets into, however, you can see that it would probably be the end of her if she was left alone for too long. Like the time she went missing for over a week!

Cat in a Box

     Like I say, Mru has been through the wars. On one occasion she was so badly hurt that her eye was all cut up and her tail just hung limply behind her. She was in a really sorry state. We still have no idea what happened and her tail is pretty lifeless to this day.

     I can remember Beata calling me, describing Mru's injuries and saying she was taking her to the vet. "Uh oh..." I thought, "That's the end of Mru!" I was convinced she was so badly hurt that she'd be put to sleep. Tralee has an amazing vet, however, who will strive to save any animal. He also only charges a minimum to do it. So Mru spent a few days in animal hospital and was nursed back to health.

     I was in Tralee with Beata when it was time to pick up Mru. We hadn't got a cat basket at the time so we used a cardboard box and parcel tape. It seemed the best alternative and we hoped it would be OK as long as she was made comfortable with a blanket, had plenty of air holes and plenty of light.

    Mru had other plans. We'd only driven a very short distance when the box started rocking violently. Then her head burst through the top of the box. By the time the whole of her upper body was through the lid she looked like Davros, the evil leader of the Daleks from Dr Who! Beata was driving and I could only give her sporadic updates on events as they unfolded on the back seat! I now have an inkling how it feels to be in an Alien movie as the Alien is emerging from its cocoon!

     In the end we stopped the car and I had to rescue a wailing Mru from her predicament. It was a painful experience but I held the box shut on my lap for the rest of the journey. Beata invested in a cat carrier shortly after this!

     We got Mru home and she spent hours getting us to open the front door just so she could reappear at the back door. It was like she was testing the situation and, of course, we all know that cats are masters at controlling their humans!

While the Human's Away

     In a bizarre reversal of the popular saying, Mru got into even more trouble when Beata went away to Poland. Mru is an independent cat and is very happy to roam the neighbourhood. We know that several people feed her and look out for her. She's never really completely alone. So when Beata goes back to Poland for a few days it's usually fine to leave her out with neighbours giving her food.

     One time Beata returned from Poland and there was no sign of Mru. The last time anyone had seen her was the Tuesday five days before. Beata had been out calling her and searching with no luck. We waited patiently but as the days passed and she didn't turn up we started to lose hope. Beata told me, "I think she's gone for good now."

Home Sweet Home

     Who says that Lassie is make believe? If that's what you think then you've never met Timo! He's Beata's lovely Border Collie and he's a real softie. Timo and Mru live quite happily sharing the same space and Timo even plays with her from time to time.

     So Beata had an idea. After a whole week when there'd been no sign of Mru she said to Timo as they went out for their evening walk,

     "Timo! Find Mru! Where is she?"

     They walked down the street and as they passed one of the empty houses, the one where Mru's previous human Pa had lived, Timo pulled Beata towards the house. Beata had already had an urge to look there but Timo persuaded her it was definitely worth it. They peered in through the windows but the place was deserted. Just as Beata was about to leave she heard the faintest of meaows! Just once...

     Convinced that she'd heard Mru inside the house Beata went to Walter, an animal loving neighbour, and asked him for his help. They went back to the house and waited by the window. Nothing happened. Walter told her she must have been mistaken. There was no sign of a cat in there. They waited some more but there was still no proof that Mru was inside. They were disappointed and about to leave when, all of a sudden, Mru  jumped up onto the window sill inside the house and cried at them to get her out! She'd been there the whole week!

Home Sweet Home

     Luckily Walter knew where to find the spare key for the house and Mru was rescued. She'd been trapped in the house since the Tuesday before when Pa's relatives had been there cleaning it. She'd obviously been tempted to go in there, during Beata's absence, either purely out of curiosity or just simply looking for Pa, maybe, and some of his fish that he used to give her.

     The poor kitty must have been snuggled up somewhere when the relatives left the house and locked up. Goodness knows how she survived a week in there without food or water. She was pretty emaciated. With Beata's loving care she was restored back to health over the next few months. Timo gave her additional TLC, sitting by her and licking her as she purred gently by his side.

Horses for Courses

     This, of course, is all in a day's work for a cat. They're curious about everything and they get into a lot of trouble because of it. We were so happy to have Mru back. She was obviously very upset by the experience and she did seem to calm down for a while. She's a gentle old girl and she was very lucky to be found alive. We feel even luckier to have her again!