Sunday, 7 July 2013

Web of Control - The Basis of Everything!

Dust Mites and Spiders

     I've often had this sneaking suspicion that I'm surrounded. And I am. I'm surrounded by spiders, insects, birds, foxes and just about every other form of wildlife I can imagine. Yesterday morning I went out to my car to find it shrouded in spiders' webs. My first reaction was a sigh. As I reached for the cloth to wipe them away I noticed how beautiful they are. My whole focus changed.

     Delicate little dew drops hung from every thread. It was a powerful reminder that whatever we humans do in this world, Nature has a way of adapting to it that will overcome it.

Bridging the Gap

     Everywhere I looked I saw the same picture. Webs and dew drops. It seemed that during the night the spiders had been very industrious. If you think that their lives depend on catching food then who can blame them? With that viewpoint it's hard not to empathize with their efforts. What's amazing is that when you start searching for webs there seems to be no barrier to where a spider can lay its trap.

     From the most narrow of gaps to the widest space, the webs were constructed to perfection. The sinister intent of these webs is also part of the natural order of things. The life cycle, after all, is just another part of the natural order.

Say it with Flowers

     Underneath this innate creativity in Nature there's an incredible logic. Fibonacci discovered a mathematical series that rules out any idea that constructions in Nature are random. On the contrary. There are set patterns that are repeated. This series is seen in the number of petals on a flower or the number of leaves or shoots, their timing and their spacing on the plant. Incredible!

     Bartok used this same series of numbers as a basis for some of his compositions. It's a great example of how artists take their inspiration from natural phenomena.

Cat-a-clysmic Power

     I drove to Cork City with the impression that I was seeing my surroundings anew. As I walked into the city I saw a cat nestling against a tree.

     I've often thought that there's a certain perfection to the way a cat curls up asleep. Its position is almost a perfect circle. I even know one lovely cat whose black and white colouring resembles the Yin and Yang symbol as she sleeps. Then seeing this black beauty curving perfectly into the shape of the tree showed the way that animals learn to use their surroundings.

     Cats are particularly good at adapting. They're also such a wonderful example of how a living entity maintains its independence whilst blending with its human companions.

Natural Order

     As I look at my neighbour's bush, dying in the sun, I realize that this too is part of the natural order. The cycle of birth, life and death applies to everything. To see the browning leaves of the shrub just demonstrates this cycle. Realizing that this is the pattern is reassuring. Nature doesn't leave anything to chance.

     We think we're clever because we're developing ways of recycling our waste. Nature has never done anything else. It's more powerful and intelligent than we'll ever truly be able to understand.

     Anyone who thinks that Nature is random needs to think again. Realizing we are only a part of this process is a very humbling experience. We can certainly learn a thing or two from its disciplined order and attention to detail.