Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Sun Worshipping not Clock Watching

Nature's Alarm Clock

     Isn't it wonderful to have the sun and the moon? We have no choice but to watch the moon follow the sun and the sun follow the moon as day turns to night and night turns to day. Nothing changes about this amazing regulator. It's timeless and to a certain extent all we can do is observe it and the effect it has on our bodies. I work in a special school with some very special intellectually disabled students. If you ever doubted the effects of a full moon you should come and spend a week in my school around that time.

     Alternatively, take a walk on a beach around sunset. As you walk along the beach and watch the sun going down it's almost impossible to deny that there's an overwhelming urge to slow down, relax and get ready for the night's rest. This is the effect of getting in tune with the natural rhythm of nature. Darkness helps us sleep and as the sun rises and shines the light energizes us.

Animal Instincts

     Our animal companions are much more in tune with these things than we are. This is amplified when you live in the middle of a rural setting where cocks crow, cows line up for milking and horses gather to be fed as the sun rises over the horizon. We sometimes mistakenly believe that we train our animals to respond in these ways. Their natural instinct is, however, to follow the rhythm of the sun and the moon. The hard wiring is always slightly different, of course, and there are some predators that switch on at night ready for hunting their nocturnal prey. Maybe their human equivalent is the party animal seen parading through Cork any night between Wednesday and Sunday!

     My buddies, however, are horses who come to life, whatever the weather, as daylight approaches. From my window I can see the cows get up from their slumbering and start grazing. And my cat, who's been busy hunting all night, settles down for one of her numerous naps throughout the day.

     For my part I have spent a long time practising meditation and Yoga. The time when the sun rises is a great time to sit and contemplate. It also helps focus my thoughts. One of these thoughts is that I'm frustrated by a wrist injury that prevents me from doing the sun salutations I've become so accustomed to practising until just recently.

Healing Energy

     While I contemplate this I'm aware of the flip side of this equation. The sun salutations draw on the healing energy of the sun. As it gathers momentum for the day its energy flows through my chakras. Although practising the sun salutation sequence helps intensify that energy I can still use that influence in thought.

     It's the visualization of the sun streaming through my body that's helping me right now. That warmth and energy is knitting together the damaged parts of my wrist. I hope that before too long I'll be able to get back to doing Yoga every day. But for the moment I have to stop. Maybe that was the message all along.

     After all, the amazing calming effect of watching a sunrise or a sunset is also a time for pausing. It's a time to rest your body for as long as it takes for the sun to rise or set. The great gift of this is that we can't hurry that. It will just happen at its own pace.