Thursday, 16 May 2013

Seeing the Signs


     There's a book by Deepak Chopra that I once read from cover to cover and couldn't put down for about a year. It became part of my everyday ritual and its title was Synchrodestiny. A colleague of mine joked today that it sounded like a Police album. He's quite right. It's a coincidence. The book is all about coincidences and being open to finding them in your life. Or, more appropriately, being able to draw them into your life or focus on the ones that have relevance for you.

Reality Check

     Haven't you ever taken a look around you and wondered how you've arrived at a certain point in your life? I do it all the time. Sometimes I think that the people and things I have around me are too good to be true. But this is my life. This is real. It's happening now. It may or may not last but in this moment it's the actual reality of my life.

     The things we draw into our lives are out there in the World the whole time. If we decide to buy a particular model of car in red we suddenly see a lot more them about. It's not that we have suddenly conjured them into our lives. They were there all the time. But we've raised our awareness of them. It's the same with everything in our lives. The signs of various paths we can take are there all the time. It's finding the right signs to follow that takes a bit of work.

     Sometimes we can feel bombarded by the opportunities that seem to appear simultaneously. Sometimes we can feel like there's a total lack of good luck headed our way. It's not a commodity that changes in line with the stock market trends. The opportunities and coincidences are there all the time but if we choose to look at the ground we won't see the signpost.

Hardwiring your Operating System

     Focusing on what you want is a way of programming yourself to take notice of the coincidences that lead you toward your goal. That's important. The moment we take advantage of a coincidence it opens up the possibility of endless other coincidences on the same path. If it's something we truly want then we have to commit to the adventure of the unknown. That's not to say there's no going back or you have to stay on the wrong path. But you do need to be aware of whether your actions lead you towards or away from what it is that you want.

     You need to banish the idea that if you don't take advantage of one coincidence another one won't come along fairly shortly. As I said earlier, they're always there. There's nothing magical about it.

     None of us can ever know what's around the corner. If we never look, however, we'll never find out.