Tuesday, 14 May 2013

It's Raining Again in the Celtic Costa del Sol

And Now for the News

     As I sit here starting this blog all over again it's pouring with rain in Ireland, again. I'm not Irish and I have no compelling reason to have to live in this country. There's an economic disaster reported at every opportunity. The country is in the grip of austerity measures and yet there are still an awful lot of expats from many different nations who choose to live here.

     Suicide is up. On Newstalk, one of the major players in terms of radio stations, there was an American psychologist who was asked what people can do to improve their mental health. His advice was simple: stop listening to the news. Stop listening to the radio.

Nothing New Under the Sun

     I'm sure there was someone desperately trying to pull the plug on him as he uttered those words. After all, there's not much mileage in having a guest on a radio show who urges the listeners to switch off and tune out. His advice, however, hints at part of the reason why I'm here in Ireland, at least.

     I live in a country where we have some of the most stunning and unspoilt scenery in the world. In one day I can travel to rugged coastline, amble meditatively on a deserted beach or go and climb a mountain if I want to. Without even driving anywhere in my car I can wander through fields and mountains or just chat to cows and horses. It really is a dream existence.

     The landscapes are ancient. The way of life is almost untouched in some places. And this preservation of an old worldly existence relies to some extent on the isolation of Ireland. if we constantly try to keep pace with the disasters and advancement of the rest of the world then we forget the wonders of what we have right here on our doorstep.

Thinking it Over

     We can tend to over think everything these days. That's why I enjoy living in the relatively uncluttered greenery of West Cork. And that's what inspires me to write the things I write. In this blog I'll be sharing the fruits of my meditations and mental meanderings as I gaze out at the mountains and enjoy the rainy weather. Occasionally I'll play my Tibetan singing bowls and when I do I'll resonate with the ancient monuments that litter the landscape even more.

     As a friend recently told me, we should think of the rain in this part of the world as a blessing. If we had the sun and heat of the Costa del Sol we'd be inundated with foreign visitors and the resorts and complications that generates. Thinking it over, the rain's not a bad thing at all. I can generate the sunshine in my head.